Pet plants

Article originally published by: Kiwi Gardener

Succulents are great additions to any indoor setting and shouldn’t be overlooked when vases need filling.

When it comes to plants, succulents or “super suckers”, are coming back into vogue in a big way, but not so much in the garden, but indoors and in the vase.

Globally the trend to having ‘pet plants’ is growing momentum, too. Desks are being adorned with prickly wonky-looking succulents, often given a name. Being durable to life indoors and out, they are a welcome distraction from the computer screen.

Upcycling is certainly in and so are succulents. These brightly coloured cans look fabulous as table centrepieces in a café, not only are they cheap, but they look snazzy and are very low maintenance.

Upcycling old cups or anything pottery and using them for containers for these pet plants is all the rage, and can are also be marvellous fundraisers for school fares and fêtes.

Succulents are often overlooked when it comes to cut flowers, and it’s a real shame. They have such tremendous shape and form they are worthy candidates for blended posies or just for use on their own. Most last in a vase for well over a month.


Remove all the lower foliage from below the water line to prevent the water from going slimy straight away. Change the water once a week or fortnight to extend the life of the stems.