Get rodent ready this winter

As the colder months arrive, so can rats, mice and other unfriendly rodents looking for warmth and shelter under houses or in roof cavities, sheds or garages.

Is rodent control necessary?

This year there are more reasons than ever to make sure you have ways to keep your home and property rodent free.

The Department of Conservation have been reporting that the trees in our forests have had a particularly strong summer of flowering, called a ‘Mega Mast’. The resulting mass of seeds and fruit are likely to lead to a larger plague of rats and stoats – particularly in our Southern beech forests.

So, while you’re protecting your home and property from rodents, you’ll also be supporting the wider nationwide effort to keep rodent numbers in check this year.

What rodent control product is best for me?


Rodent control products have advanced from the traditional bait and trap options.

There are now very sophisticated systems that are safe for the whole family (pets included), non-toxic, low maintenance and, where the Goodnature traps are concerned, humane.

Depending on the needs of the household, there are a range of products available to support you with your pest control:

Low-cost options – under (or around) $10:

There are a range of mousetraps, starting at just a few dollars, and bait options for those wanting a low-cost option.

Safe for the whole family:

There are a range of bait and trapping stations that are child and pet safe as they are enclosed in a locked bait station.

Non-toxic options:

Traps are a non-toxic option for those not wanting to use bait. ‘Live catch’ traps enable the mouse to be released without harm.

Goodnature Traps

Low maintenance and humane (and safe & non-toxic):

The Goodnature traps are a unique product on the market that offers a humane, safe, low maintenance and non-toxic solution to rodent control.

To save you time, Goodnature traps have an internal pump which automatically releases fresh lure to attract targeted pests for 6 months. The trap will automatically reset after each kill up to 24 times before the gas canister needs replacing.