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Loyalty Changes

Get ready for take-off! Mitre 10’s flying into the future with Airpoints exclusively. This means we’re saying a fond farewell to Fly Buys and you will no longer be able to earn Fly Buys points at Mitre 10 from 1 November. 

With this change taking effect soon we’ve tweaked our Privacy Policy. If you’d to take a look at our updated policy you can find it here.

Earning Fly Buys at Mitre 10

Until 31 October, Mitre 10 is still a member of Fly Buys so when you shop with us and swipe your card you’ll earn Fly Buys points. For every $25 you spend instore or online you’ll receive one standard point.

To become a Fly Buys member, visit your nearest Mitre 10 store for a sign up pack or visit Fly Buys online at www.flybuys.co.nz


Terms and Conditions

Non-account purchases points collection rate: $25 = 1 point

Business to Small Business - Trade (B2SB - TRADE) account purchases points collection rate: $30 = 1 point

Products and Service

You can collect Fly Buys points on home building and home improvement products and services for your home. The range of products available at Mitre 10 & Mitre 10 MEGA includes lawn and garden products, power tools, plumbing products, paint and paint accessories, hand tools, building materials, giftware/housewares, timber and electrical, lighting and climate conditioning products. You can collect Fly Buys points when you redeem gift cards.


Mitre 10 & Mitre 10 MEGA stores throughout New Zealand.

Terms and conditions for collecting points at Mitre 10 and Mitre 10 MEGA

Fly Buys points are collected on all cash sales through Mitre 10 & Mitre 10 MEGA stores with the exception of gift vouchers/gift cards. (You do not collect Fly Buys points when you purchase a gift card, points are earned at the redemption of gift cards.)

Business to Small Business-Trade (B2SB - TRADE) Fly Buys is defined by a Mitre 10 & Mitre 10 MEGA customer as an account held by a small business - Trade.

On account Business to Small Business-Trade (B2SB - TRADE) Fly Buys is by Mitre 10 & Mitre 10 MEGA store invite only. Please check with your local Mitre 10/Mitre10 MEGA store to see if you qualify for Fly Buys Points under Mitre 10/(Mitre10 MEGA) terms of trade.

Mitre 10 & Mitre 10 MEGA round your purchase up so if you spend $24.95 you will receive 1 point and a purchase of $49.95 will receive 2 points.

The spend required to collect Fly Buys points for both consumer and business purchases is GST inclusive. Non-account sales will be included in Bonus Point promotions

Fly Buys points collected on Mitre 10 & Mitre 10 MEGA B2SB - TRADE account purchases will be collected upon payment by the due date specified / agreed to between the store & the B2SB - TRADE account customer. Mitre 10 & Mitre 10 MEGA B2SB Trade customer account holders will be excluded from all Fly Buys promotions, Bonus Point promotions and Mitre 10 NZ Fly Buys promotions (on account sale only). Unless details of a particular promotion state that account purchases are included.

All Fly Buys terms and conditions will apply. Fly Buys points collected on advertised catalogue product sales will in all cases be calculated at the normal non-account sales rate of 1 point for every $25 spent.

In the event that multiple bonus offers are active you will receive the more generous of the options. Set bonus points offers (such as 20 bonus points on a set product) are exclusive of points multipliers (such as 'triple points').

Layby/GE Finance/Q Card

Full points will be collected on the day the layby / finance contract begins with Mitre 10. This includes any Bonus Points promotions (Global or Store). Standard and Bonus Points (Global or Store) will not be collected on subsequent payments. The full amount of points will be allocated based on the value of the item(s) on the day the layby/ finance contract begins, and whether there is applicable Bonus Points activity for the day the contract begins. If the contract becomes void the full amount of Points collected for the transaction will be reversed.

Targeted Customer Promotions

Any offer made will exclude purchases on Layby, GE finance or customer account.