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Earthquakes arrive unannounced and can quickly cause chaos. As all too many Kiwis know, it’s a frightening experience and if an earthquake happens just drop, cover and hold, and wait for the tremors to subside.

What can help, however, is being prepared. Putting a few simple measures in place before an earthquake occurs can make all the difference to reducing the risk of damage to people and property.

Here at Mitre 10, helping Kiwis improve their homes is what we do and that’s why we’re advocates of the Earthquake Commission’s (EQC) Fix. Fasten. Don’t Forget message which gives Kiwis a helpful reminder that it is easy and well worth it to prepare our homes and families for earthquakes.

The actions are simple and small improvements will make a difference. Securing tall furniture to walls or using quake wax to ensure breakable objects are firmly attached to shelves are two of the measures they advocate, and don’t take much time or effort, but go a long way towards making every home safer.

As the country’s biggest home improvement retailer, and as fellow Kiwis, we’re eager to see more homes become safer. The past five years have made it clear that earthquakes can strike anytime, anywhere in New Zealand. That’s why, like EQC, we urge Kiwis to take a few easy steps to secure and strengthen the vulnerable items and areas in their homes.

The Earthquake Commission advise five key things to fix and fasten in your home:

  1. Tall Furniture
  2. Hot Water Cylinders
  3. Valuables
  4. Chimneys
  5. Foundations

Download their guide on how to do this here, and then browse the products we can equip you with so that you can fix and fasten your home: