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DeWalt FlexVolt Next Level Power


The DeWalt FlexVolt system brings you the future of cordless tools with power unlike anything you have ever experienced before. With a highly innovative voltage-changing battery and a line-up of groundbreaking 54V XR tools, this will change the game and create the Jobsite Of The Future. DeWalt XR FlexVolt tools have the power to change the way you work.

Cordless 54 Volt Power Tools

The new range of 54V cordless heavy duty tools currently includes: a 125mm Grinder, 184mm Circular saw, Alligator saw, Reciprocating Saw, Table saw and 216mm Mitre saw.

Features & Benefits:
Convenience - Tools can be easily taken with them, used in a variety of situations and locations.
Safe - With no need for extension cords, trip hazards are eliminated an the job site.
Power - Tools deliver a continuous run cycle through high power applications.
Capability - The FlexVolt battery is compatible with existing DeWalt XR 18V gear which saves you having to invest in a new set of tools and improves their run time.

One battery. Two voltages.


The DeWalt XR FlexVolt battery is backwards compatible with DeWalt 18V XR tools offering up to 3x the runtime compared to current DeWalt 18V batteries*. It is the only battery that automatically changes voltages and, when used with the new line-up of FlexVolt 54V heavy-duty tools, offers power and performance never before seen on the jobsite.
*Compared to DeWalt 18V XR 2.0AH battery.

The new FlexVolt battery offers the perfect combo of power and versatility. It not only extends the runtime of existing DeWalt XR 18V power tools, but it also gives you the power to run an all-new line up of DeWalt FlexVolt cordless heavy duty 54V tools.

How does it work?

The FlexVolt battery has two modes, depending on what type of DeWalt tool you’re using. For existing tools it runs 3 strings of 5 cells in parallel mode, delivering up to 4x the runtime. When used with the new line of heavy duty 54V tools, the battery automatically changes voltage, connecting all fifteen battery cells in series, delivering an impressive level of power.