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Decorative Interior Wall Linings

Wall linings are the finishing surface in interior spaces. They serve functional purposes like helping the room retain heat or keep out noise, but they’re also the first design element in a finished space, acting as a backdrop for furniture, interior decor and other personal elements added later.

Many of our interior lining products can be applied directly to your existing plasterboard, making them just as useful for renovators as they are for those designing a new build. While there are some technical considerations to interior linings that we’ll come back to shortly, there’s a huge range of styles, colours, materials, and textures available to help you bring your space to life.


Interior Plywood

Interior plywood is a great option for both decorative and practical lining jobs. These panels show off the natural grain of the timber which can be stained to your choice of colour to create a space you love. There are also UV coated options available, which mean you can finish the job off faster and not need to worry about fading or yellowing ply. Our ply is sourced from FSC certified suppliers, to help you finish your project responsibly with the environment in mind.



Decorative Pre-Primed MDF Panels

These panels are ready to install and ready to paint. With plenty of different profile options available, you can find the perfect design to fit your space. Decorative MDF panels interact with light to give your space some texture, with options that provide some soft and subtle texture and those that are bold and expressive.



Timber Mouldings & Panelling

These highly decorative panels and mouldings step up the visual interest of your space and offer opportunities for unique applications such as feature walls or skirting. Timber mouldings are a fantastic option for curved surfaces, providing a consistent cohesive look. You have the option to keep the natural timber grain exposed or paint to a colour of your choice. With so many profile options, timber mouldings and panels provide plenty of options to put your mark on your space.




Saveboard is an internal lining ideal for commercial and residential applications. Made from shredded and compressed composite packaging, these 100% upcycled sheets are a low carbon alternative to traditional wall linings that will be perfect for your green build. The packaging creates a striking finish on the exposed panel available in a range of colours, or for a more traditional finish their plasterboard alternative is available. 



Wet Wall Panels & Tiles

Wet wall linings and panels are a cost-effective solution to line any wet area. There’s a huge number of options here to get the exact look you’re going for in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry. From a classic subway tile to a marble slab look, there’s plenty of options here to create a space you’ll love. Installation is easy and the finished look will blow you away.



Fibre Cement Linings

Fibre cement linings offer exceptional moisture resistance and are a great choice for bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. These strong, high-performance linings are designed to leave you with a smooth surface that’s easy to paint or tile to achieve your desired look. Choose flat panels or opt for a V profile to add some texture. 



Acoustic Wall Linings

These are a great way to reduce noise from outside and maintain a calm, quiet environment inside the home, workplace, or any other functional space. While these acoustic wall panels and tiles are highly functional, they don’t take away from your aesthetic. They look great installed in kids’ bedrooms and do an excellent job of blocking out noisy music or instruments. With many colours and options available, this is an option that combines form and function.



How much do you need?

You'll need to understand the size of the surface you are going to line, and how much product you'll need to finish the job with full coverage. Use your standard area calculation multiplying width by length. The typical ceiling height in New Zealand is either 2400mm or 2700mm, if your ceiling is higher than this, we have a range of special-order sizes available.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When interior linings are required to provide bracing performance, this is “Restricted Building Work” and must be carried out or supervised by a Licensed Building Practitioner. In this case an engineer or builder will be required before replacement. If there is any doubt when removing old linings, consult a professional.


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