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Things to consider when buying a fan

There are plenty of fans on the market all offering different features and benefits and choosing the right fan will largely depend on the size of the space you want to cool.

To help you find the right fan for your needs, here are a few key things to consider:

  • Performance – the volume of air your fan produces should be right for your space
  • Easy control – controls should be easy to reach and use
  • Noise level – quieter fans are obviously the go for social areas, while some prefer louder fans in the bedroom to muffle outside noises
  • Safety features – consider risks to kids and pets. Blades should be enclosed behind a grille or grate and a sturdy base will minimise the risk of the fan toppling over. Portable fans should be easy enough to transport
  • Simple to clean – if a fan has blades and a grille, the grille should be simple to remove for cleaning or wiping away dust
  • Additional features – some basic features include multiple speed settings and airflow direction control while more advanced features to consider include programmable timers, remote control access and misting options

Floor fans are great for cooling larger rooms, while desk fans suit personal cooling or cooling down a work cubicle. There are a few floor fan options available:

  • Pedestal fans have adjustable height and tilt so are versatile in terms of airflow direction and airflow volume. They’re generally more powerful than tower fans and are ideal for reaching larger spaces.
  • Tower fans are slim and lightweight and suited to smaller, tighter spaces and corners. They tend to be more visually appealing than pedestal fans, are easier to clean and most come with additional features such as an ionizer to improve air quality.
  • Bladeless fans, such as the desk and tower fans supplied by Dyson, have blades hidden within the pedestal stand and a brushless electric motor that produces a smooth air flow. Being bladeless they’re safe to use, easy to keep clean, quiet and many have advanced features such as sleep timers and LED on/off options for easy use.

Ceiling fans are powerful and have large blades perfect for cooling an entire room. They’re safer and less obtrusive than a floor fan, taking up no floor space and can also make a great design feature as well as a source of ambient light. Installation is required thought and they’re more costly than other fans.