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Bee Aware

Bees play a critical role our food chain, biodiversity and economy – so do your part to help our hard-working friends thrive.

How you can help?

  • Provide water: Bees need water so create a shallow water pool with a solid landing place to make your garden more appealing.
  • Plant bee friendly plants: Here’s a list to get you started
  • Spray selectively: Avoid using pesticides that are harmful to bees, and if you do spray with any product, do so after dusk when pollinators are less active. Also try to avoid spraying when plants are flowering.
  • Avoid wind: Bees prefer plants in sunny spots that are sheltered from the wind.
  • Leave the lawns: Bees love clover and dandelion so try not to get rid of these immediately and leave them in your in the lawn for bees to forage on.
  • If you find yourself sharing your property with a swarm of bees don’t kill the bees to remove the swarm. Contact a local bee keeper for assistance.
  • Spray safely: Choose bee-safe pesticides if you are spraying your garden or consider whether spraying is necessary at all. Remember to spray when bees are away: early in the morning or at sunset.
  • Eat New Zealand honey: Our bees create a wide range of delicious, high quality honeys. By eating these honeys, you are supporting our beekeepers who work hard to care for our bees and their environment.