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Mitre 10 has a wealth of gardening experience. We stock gardening supplies for your outdoor areas, including a variety of garden sheds, garden watering tools and gardening  hand tools such as grass shears, spades, forks, pruners and garden hose reels. Check out the extensive range of everything from gloves to wheelbarrows. And everything you need for maintenance; pest control and weedkillerscompost bins, potting mix, seedsbulbs and weedmat, to name a few!

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Garden Centre How to guides

  • How To Make Your Own Compost

    Compost is nature’s way of recycling. Organic matter decomposes, decomposition creates compost, and compost makes plants grow like mad.... Watch the full guide

  • How To Set Up A Worm Farm

    Worm farming is a great idea for getting rid of kitchen scraps. Plus creates a natural (and low cost) fertiliser and gives the kids a low maintenance project they can own. Worms turn food scraps into a soil amendment called vermicastings, also known as worm castings or worm poo, which speeds up plant growth and reduces the effect of plant diseases and pests. Watch the full guide

  • How To Grow Feijoas

    While many New Zealanders count feijoas as a kiwi icon, feijoa trees are actually native to South America. But they’re still a welcome addition to any back yard as they are attractive, evergreen, and provide a generous crop in the cooler months. Watch the full guide

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